When You Might Need Arabic Translation And How To Get It | translation services

The Arabic language is peculiar in more ways than one. For instance, although it contains 28 alphabets, it varies in that they are written from right to left. The Arabic language is an extremely rich one with thousands of extra characters and expressions that cannot be directly matched by Latin languages. Because of this, translating isn’t very easy and requires the skills of a qualified professional.When people call Arabic a beautiful language, they mean that literally. Arabic lettering has been used to adorn the side of many buildings including the breath-taking Taj Mahal. Still the importance of Arabic extends beyond its visual appeal. Today, the use of Arabic is prominent among global transactions and it is because of this more than anything else that has encouraged the growth of Arabic translators.There are thousands of scenarios where translating Arabic might be required. Most of these are prompted by the global dominance of the language. Like English or French, Arabic is spoken in every country. It is estimated that over 200 million people are fluent speakers. Arabic is the official language of over a dozen countries. International businesses and companies who wish to expand their product lines or services rely on Arabic translation services to help them achieve this.Arabic translation professionals are also commonly hired by companies and entrepreneurs to translate the content of a website. Having an alternative translation of a website means that companies are able to expand their services to a new lingual demographic. Many of the successful companies such as Amazon, Google and Facebook have Arabic versions for this very reason.Like most things, the quality of the translation done by an agency will depend a lot on the translators that you choose to use. Avoid working with agencies that do not have local translators on their team. Among other things, a local translator will be familiar with the native culture and slangs. Local translators are also able to produce results that are not choppy when read.The technical experience of the translator is also significant. Choosing Arabic translation professionals with at least a year’s worth of experience will go a long way in ensuring that you do not to have to put up with rookie mistakes. It’s also a lot easier to judge an Arabic translation service based on their past records. You’ll be able to contact some of their former clients to discover what their working experience was like. You’ll also be able to view samples of some of the work that they have completed.Arabic translations are very complex and should be handled carefully. To this end, it is advisable for you to factor in enough time for your required translation. Contact the Arabic translation service that you wish to work with early enough. Do not neglect to discuss the terms of your project with a representative. This will give you the opportunity to clearly outline what you expect from the completed translation. You’ll also get the chance to evaluate their professional qualifications directly.

2015 And Beyond: How to Make Money Investing in Stocks | investing

If you think it’s easy to make money investing in stocks think twice about 2015 and beyond. Here I reveal the best kept secret of stock investing so you can make money investing and relax in the process.Anyone could make money investing in stocks from early 2009 to late 2014. We had a bull market… up over 100%. In a bull (up) market investors large and small make money. The real secret to stock investing: once you’ve made a gain like that; don’t give it back to the next bear (down) market! I call this a secret because the big financial companies and their financial planners are unlikely to tell you this. Their job is to SELL you financial products in good markets and bad, and that’s best done by emphasizing the positive and downplaying the negative. Have you ever seen a negative commercial by a financial firm?In a bull market investors jump on the bandwagon to make money investing in stocks. Greed prevails and this sends prices higher. Investors are afraid of missing out; especially when safe alternatives are paying close to zero in interest income. And looking at 2015, there still appear to be some good stocks and funds out there that pay dividends of 2% and more. Should you buy them now?As a bull market matures investors tend to get complacent. After all, if you want to make money investing in stocks in 2015 you’ve got to own some, right? Investors also tend to have short memories. Preceding the beginning of this bull market, we had two BEAR markets in the previous nine years. Both lasted less than two years and resulted in losses of 50% or more. Investors don’t make money investing in stocks in a bear market. They lose money. That’s rule #1 in the real world of stock investing.Let’s express the truth with numbers. If you have $100,000 invested (like in your 401k) and loose 50% your portfolio is now worth $50,000. To get back to $100,000 you then need to double your money. In other words, you need a gain of 100% in the next bull market to get even. This is what has happened to investors TWICE before this last bull market. The truth be told, stock investing has not been easy since the year 2000. Don’t let the next downturn take your profits away.The time to make money investing in stocks… the time to buy aggressively is when the market is selling cheap and FEAR is the dominate emotion. Basically, stock investing is a matter of fear vs. greed and fear is the stronger emotion. Looking at it another way, it’s a matter of risk vs. profit potential. And profit potential is highest when prices are cheap, not after a five year run-up when bad news has the potential to send prices tumbling.The history of the stock market makes one thing perfectly clear. Every few years there is bad news that sparks fear in the market and investors react by selling. There’s a time to make money investing in stocks and there’s a time to protect your profits. Don’t be complacent in 2015 and 2016. Plan ahead.Your primary goal should be to make money investing in stocks over the long term and in 2015 you can best do this by avoiding heavy losses. We’re not talking about speculation here; we’re talking about stock investing aimed at accumulating money for longer term goals, like retirement. If you make 10% a year, your money doubles in 7 years. If periodic large losses cut your net gains to 3% a year, it will take 24 years to double your money!Why not cut back on your stock holdings for 2015 and beyond? Then, as fear reaches a climax, you can ease back in and take advantage of low prices. If you want to make money investing in stocks over the long term, you need a good defense as well as a good offense